About us

“Hello, I want to present you the IEpoch blog, which contains articles and news in the field of information technology, gadget and topical ratings. We solve the problem of lack of information in the IT-sphere, both for those who have only met with it, and for geeks.

For whom?

Our target audience is the coverage of a significant number of people who get acquainted and are interested in information technology for different reasons: starting with people who pick up a new smartphone for people who work in the field of development, design and content management.

From whom?

We started publishing recently, but behind each material stays a team of developers and authors, as well as my personal experience as an editor.

Our team decided to share with the audience the topics on which we work and analyze processes every day, and then we create materials specifically for you. All publications on the site are freely available, and every day we are working on finding fresh information for you.

About what?

Actual topics of the blog IEpoch: new technology Apple, fresh ratings of brands and gadgets, reviews, news, updates of operating systems, techno-lifehacks and others.

Statistics of our site:

  • Materials are published in three languages ​​- English, Russian and Ukrainian.
  • We are represented in three social networks - Facebook, Telegram and VK.
  • The site comes out at least two news within a week.

Information exchange

Meet the latest information with us, as well as become the author of IEpoch and share with the world your thoughts on IT. We have provided an option with which you can send to our editorial an article of your own authorship. We will process it together with you, edit inaccuracies or errors, if any exist, and then publish the article on your behalf. This is absolutely free chance to declare about your vision of events and trends in the prospective sphere, for which the future. More details about the receipt of materials on the link.

Therefore, we are ready to share our own experience with you and study your competent opinion. Welcome to the IEpoch community!".

Editor in chief

Ilona B.