Apple Maps: course on data collection and fresh development

Apple Maps: course on data collection and fresh development

It is well known that Apple has its own product, type Google Maps - Apple Maps. To date, Apple's Maps are not as popular as developments of other companies in this direction. One of the main reasons is the insufficient number of cartographic data that the company owns. Therefore, the problem will be tried to solve, in order to promote Apple's maps to the level of the leading companies of this subject. To this end, the company organized an entire car expedition to accumulate information. Each vehicle is equipped with a panoramic camera, to which the locations will be shooted, later professionals will create navigation on this basis.

While the company carefully conceals its plans and routes. At the moment, only the United States and the United Kingdom have made an official statement: the company has released lists of dates and locations where corporate cars will collect information, and when it happens. In the future, we should hope for the expansion of the list, because the popularity of the navigation service directly depends on the completeness of information on any part of the world.

In addition, this month the company asked the US government for approval for testing unmanned drones. Most likely, they will also be used to collect information for maps.

Due to the fact that other maps developers covered almost the entire planet, Apple does not have time to delay. Users of devices from Apple also rely on the enhanced functionality and additional features that the company will try to bypass competitors.

Network users are wondering why the company decided to deal with the development of maps right now, when, for example, the same Google for years has been working on finding information on the entire planet. To catch up with the leader will be hard, and become more popular - even more so. But Apple certainly has a trump card on this, which will soon show the developers of the company. Obviously, the bet will be made on a proprietary "chip", because the company is famous for its innovation and author's exclusivity, than captivates users for many years.


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