Autounlock iPhone by simplifying Face ID on jailbroken gadgets

auto unlock Face ID

If you own an iPhone model X or any other that already support the Face ID feature, you can unlock the phone by two-step verification. You need not only to swipe up on the screen to open yourself access to the gadget, but also go through face control.

Since this function is not useful and necessary for every user, the developers thought about how to simplify the Face ID process when unlocking a gadget. As a rule, during the saturated use or work with the gadget, every time you unlock it via Face ID and swipe is uncomfortable. It takes a lot of time when you need to quickly view materials, pages, applications or notifications.

In order to simplify the Face ID process when unlocking an iPhone, a free jailbreak by the developer SparkDev was created. This program is called AutoUnlockX and allows you to simplify and speed up the process of passing face control smartphone. To unlock the gadget on which AutoUnlockX is installed, it is enough to lift the smartphone to the face from a distance so that the smartphone can recognize the owner, after which you will immediately see the so-called Home screen. You do not need to make any additional swipe after recognizing the face of a smartphone, you can immediately use the phone.

In this program were provided several advantages that are necessary and useful for using. For example, notifications can be displayed even on a locked screen. That is, you can view new notifications without unlocking the screen. In case there are no notifications, you will immediately go to the Home screen after unlocking.

Benefits of using AutoUnlockX

One of the biggest advantages of the program AutoUnlockX is the flexibility of settings, thanks to which you can optimize operations of the device in the way you want. Settings can be changed for a while, that is, to adjust the unlocking process for business trips or travels.

In the settings, you can enable or disable the program. If you miss certain notifications, you can disable the automatic unlock feature. You can disable the auto unlock function in the music listening mode or when you turn on the flashlight on your smartphone.

In the settings, you can enable automatic re-passing of the Face ID in case you did not pass the control for the first time. This happens quite often when the user holds a smartphone in front of a face in perspective, in which the smartphone can not recognize the face. Therefore, the function of the second recognition is quite popular.

Although AutoUnlockX is not a new development, there is not much information about this program on the network. However, you can download it in open access, it's free. Beware of fakes and malicious software, and don’t transfer your confidential data to third parties.

So, currently there are not many programs on the market to simplify the procedure for unlocking iPhones with support for the Face ID function. One of the most optimized programs that boasts a wide range of settings for user convenience is AutoUnlockX. We advise you to download this software from reliable sources without transferring confidential data to third parties. Also beware of cheaters who offer to download this program to your smartphone for money. The developer laid out this tool in the network for free, so do not let the fraudsters make money on yourself.

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