Awarding 45 free subscriptions to the ProWebIOS service


What exactly you can winning?

Today starts the awarding of prizes like free subscriptions for the DNS-iCloud blocking bypass service – ProWebIOS. Recall, using this service, you can partially unlock the functionality of your locked device from Apple. We present 45 passes to use the service, including unlimited subscriptions!

Within a month we will register the participants of the draw, and exactly one month after the date of publication this message, you will take part in the draw of one of the 45 subscriptions. Today is January 21st, which means that we will hold the draw on February 21st. We play 5 unlimited ProWebIOS subscriptions, 10 annual subscriptions and 30 semi-annual subscriptions. Winners will get access to the use of tariff plans, which they win in the draw.

The system for determining the winners will be as transparent as possible; we will use the service of random selection of participants. After that, in video mode, we will show the list of winners and check together whether they have fulfilled the rules of the draw. Participants who have not fulfilled all the rules of the draw will be disqualified, and the tariff plans they should have received will be raffled off among other participants. So your chances of winning and getting a free subscription increase.

How to become a participant of the draw?

  1. Subscribe to the iEpoch page: on Facebook this will be here or on our VK page via this link

  2. Like and repost the indicated publication: on our Facebook page it is located on this link, and on VK – here.

  3. Important: personal pages are allowed before the draw, repost on corporate pages will not participate in the draw. Also, your page should be open within a month. This is necessary so that we can check the repost of the publication on your wall (news feed) in your account.

Facebook and VK users have the same chance of winning ProWebIOS service subscriptions. All data is protected and not transferred to third parties.

The results of the drawing we will publish on the news page of the service ProWebIOS.

We wish you a winning and successful participation in the draw! In case of additional questions, you can contact the support service of our resource.

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