Common mistakes when connecting to ProWebIOS and how to avoid them in 2019

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ProWebIOS and FreeWebIOS services are iCloud blocking bypass tools which work on any Apple device. The principle of operation of these two services is the same, but they differ in functionality. From the title it is clear that FreeWebIOS is a free version of the product, and ProWebIOS is an advanced version. Recently, developers have reported that the advanced version becomes free, provided that users complete the tasks described in the instructions. This can be like or repost of the content of our partners – a specific task for a monthly subscription is described on the website of the service. Completing the task gives you the opportunity to use the advanced version, that is, ProWebIOS, for free during a month. Further, the subscription can be extended for another month by completing a new task, which you will learn about during the new subscription request.

Of course, users did not miss the opportunity to use the advanced version of the service for free, as it provides more benefits. For example, the author's development allows you to use the auto-rotate screen when watching videos on Youtube, it is available only in the ProWebIOS functionality. Among other advantages are the lack of advertising, access to the address bar of the Safari browser, the ability to create lists of applications on the emulated springboard, and the like.

However, users often have trouble completing a free subscription task. People cannot figure out where they made a mistake and where to turn after completing a task to get their free ProWebIOS subscription. Therefore, we will try to go through all the stages of the subscription together and find out where the problem is created in gaining access to ProWebIOS.

How to use the ProWebIOS service for free

In order to use the ProWebIOS service for free, you need to go to the service website and find the Get Pro-version button (it is highlighted in red):

Click the button, then you will see a window with a suggestion to choose a social network that you actively use, click on the selected icon. I choose Facebook, show by example:

Once you have clicked on the icon of the selected social network, you will be taken to the second step, where the system will propose you to log in the selected social network. Click the blue "Login" button. Login can be automatic. In another case a window will open where you need to enter a username and password to log into your account. We do not have access to login data and they are not provided to third parties, you simply log in to your profile on Facebook or VK. You can learn more about the policy of using your data on Privacy Policy page.


Next, you will be offered a specific task in the selected social network. Please note that through this window you can make a like, repost or subscription. The clickable elements on this page are highlighted with green rectangles. It is here that you can click to perform the necessary tasks. The status of execution is highlighted in red below.

That is, these red squares with like and repost are not clickable, click on the area highlighted in green. Move the cursor and click or tap on the smartphone screen in the image area, this will be an automatic subscription, like or repost. Returning to step 2 on the service website, go to the information about step 2 below, you will see a field where you need to enter your profile ID in the selected social network.

Please note: you do not need to enter a complete link to your profile in the field, only the ID, this is the information after .com /. For your convenience, it is highlighted with a red rectangle in the picture, only copy it into the field.

For example, the link to your page looks like this:, in the field you need to specify only steven.johnson without other symbols of the whole link - this is your ID.

After completing the task and entering your ID in the appropriate field, below is the blue button. Next to it, it is indicated that you have carried out all the necessary operations, so you should get access to the pro-version. Click the blue button, it will confirm that you have fulfilled all the tasks. Additionally, you do not need to report anywhere that you have completed the task. After being processed by our moderators, they will confirm your right to use the pro-version, and you will automatically get access.

Please note: in order for the moderators to check the execution of tasks, you need to open a page on the social network. On Facebook, this can be done as follows:

The top line "Who can see your future publications" - the option "Public" - that is, the page is not closed from view by other users, so that we can see and check your repost.

As a rule, moderation occurs during the day or two or three days on weekends and holidays. If you did not get access after the passage of three days – this means that you have not fulfilled the conditions of the problem.


You can check whether the task is completed by login into your ProWebIOS account. Namely, when a subscription is connected, by going to the "SpringBoard" menu, you will see that it is open, otherwise, the system will notify you that you need to go through the process of activating your account again. In addition, in the "Profile" menu in the "Access key to SpringBoard" line there will be a corresponding status with the date until which the "Secret Key" is valid or with the message that it is now inactive and a link to activate the account.


This is how an inactive account looks like (if you have not paid for your subscription or have not completed the task for free access):

And this is how the account will look if you have completed all the tasks correctly and you have been granted access to using the service:

We remind you that it is easier and more convenient to do tasks from a computer, and not from a telephone. Some settings in social networks are only available on the computer version, so we recommend performing the necessary operations with a PC.

In case something went wrong, use this tutorial and try again to complete the tasks. You can also use a paid subscription to ProWebIOS.

How to use a paid subscription for ProWebIOS?

If you could not complete the task for free access, you can use a paid subscription to the service. Among the advantages of a paid subscription are tariff plans from three months to unlimited. On a free subscription, we recall, you need to perform tasks on a monthly basis.

So, you go to the main page of the ProWebIOS website and click the red "Get Pro-version" button:

Before you open a window to select a free or paid subscription. In this case, you press the bright green "Buy Pro-version without any action" button. Next, you will see a window with service tariff plans:

As you can see, there are five tariff plans: a subscription for three months, six months, nine months, an annual subscription and no limit. Most of them you can buy now with discounts. You can pay using PayPal payment system or by entering number and a confirmation code with a Visa card.

After the payment is made and credited to the balance, the moderators will automatically open a subscription for you according to the chosen tariff plan.

Important: your payment details are confidential, we do not have access to them and do not transfer them to third parties. You can learn more about the policy of using your data on Privacy Policy page.

So, you can get access to the pro-version for free and for paid subscription. Free access provides for the monthly execution of tasks in social networks – it can be a like, repost or a subscription to the resources of our partners. Paid subscription provides uninterrupted use of the service according to the chosen tariff plan – from three months to unlimited subscription.

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