Data about the IPhone XS before the presentation - an evil joke or a good PR?

presentation of IPhone

As previously reported, today Apple will demonstrate the look, price and characteristics of the new smartphone model from the company. Previously, users were given particle information about the appearance and features of the new iPhone. However, most of this information is unconfirmed rumors. Passions are heating up and Apple geeks are already waiting for the online broadcast with a presentation of the new version of the smartphone from Apple.

In the company they like to speculate on the curiosity of customers

This is how both authoritative publications and local media can speculate. Of course, not without the Apple PR people who spread different rumors about the modification of the new iPhone, in order to warm the interest of users to the brand as a whole.

In the morning, appeared an information about the allegedly current screenshot from the Apple website, which accidentally published a presentation card for the new iPhone. According to this data, iPhone XS will go on sale already on September 21, and its cost should be lower than expected - $899. And, this is for $100 cheaper than the previous version. Information about the allegedly current screenshot was published by the profile resource Slashleaks.

However, it turned out that this is a joke publication, however, a successful PR. It is possible that the employees of Apple spread rumors about the new model through various profile and even readable, respected resources. These actions done to warm interest in the company's products.

Regarding the new version, it will be introduced today, however, information about the iPhone XS is too general. It is expected that the delivery of new iPhones to Europe will take place in late October - early November. The cost of the 5.8 inch version will be at least 900 euros, and the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max will cost at least 1100 euros.



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