From Motorola's first model to the walkie-talkie app: competitiveness, advantages and options for virtual radio transmitters

radio walkie-talkie app review

Usual device known as walkie-talkie is a popular all over the world radio transmitter. From the first modifications of the authorship of Motorola to its modern incarnation as an application, the radio transmitter passed a considerable path of change on the way to perfection. Today, a walkie-talkie is not a common two phones, connecting at a short distance by phone type, but part of a device, such as a phone or a watch. Walkie-talkie in modern devices is presented as a built-in option or application. You can download such an application from the market, depending on the operating system.

How Apple implemented walkie-talkie into the watch

The modern form of walkie-talkie is often associated with Apple watch. The radio transmitter built-in function is introduced in the fifth version of the Apple Watch OS 5 gadget. One touch of the wrist activates voice communication by radio type. Ten years ago we could see it in spy movies, and now such developments are becoming a reality, and even a usual way of life.

How does the walkie-talkie feature work on Apple Watch

Phonebook contacts can be added to the list with which you would like to contact in the future using the radio function. The selected contact appears in the corresponding Watch app pane. You can delete contacts from the desktop by gesture or by touch. The functionality is basic and easy to use. Your contacts appear on the watch screen in the form of yellow cards. There is also an accessibility mode, you can specify the available /not available yourself, and see the user modes that you need to contact now. To talk, you need to hold down the side button, you need to hold it throughout the entire conversation. New messages are automatically played in voice mode. If you require privacy, you can listen to the messages using the headphones. At the same time, the function of automatic replay of messages can be turned off if you, for example, are on vacation or on a meeting.

Disadvantages and advantages of the radio transmitter on Apple watch

Someone finds a small watch screen as an advantage, and someone think this small screen is a disadvantage. Of course, it is as mobile as possible and always with you, but on the other hand it is small and not suitable for everyone, even on the basis of poor eyesight. In addition, to talk, the watch side button must be held, it is not always convenient. For Apple, users also recommend iMessage voice messaging, a convenient solution for iPhone users. But some users complain about the poor sound of iMessage, despite the sound source: whether it’s the smartphone’s built-in microphone, EarPods microphone, or AirPods microphone.

Competitive Zello App

For every Apple there is a Zello, that is, a universal walkie-talkie app. The Zello application has the same functions as the regular walkie-talkie. However, users more often prefer this application than other applications and special gadgets for two reasons. First, the application is suitable for all operating systems on smartphones, and even for personal computers, application developers can trump with Zello for Windows PC. Secondly, Zello has functional advantages, such as the message history option, the ability to re-listen to the last message, notifications, etc.

By the way, the application was the most popular in Ukraine and Venezuela, and in the spring of 2018 it was banned in Russia. There, the Zello blocking began simultaneously with the ban on the use of the popular Telegram messenger.

How to use the Zello application

Using the application, you can communicate with one contact as well as create group chats. This feature allows you to create a private telephone channel. You can communicate in walkie-talkie mode both from a computer and from a smartphone. Download the application to a device convenient for you and get the basic convenient functionality, similar in options to the Skype. From your account, you can adjust the sound and personal information settings, change the status to “available / not available”, view your contacts connected to the application, and also see the list of contacts with the “available” status.

Where to look for alternatives?

In addition to the popular walkie-talkies based on Apple Watch OS 5 and the universal Zello application, we can offer a trio of alternative options.

  1. iPTT is a push-to-talk application for Apple smartphones, available in the free version on the AppStore.

  2. Voxer is an application available for Android and iOS operating systems, which is based on the voice messaging function. Suitable for people who do not want to call the contact, but prefer to leave a voice note.

  3. HeyTell is a customized version of Voxer, is notable for the additional accessibility of the application for the Windows Phone operating system, and in general it is very similar to Voxer in terms of functionality.


Lingo for using the walkie-talkie

Lingo for walkie-talkie is usually used for emergency situations or moments when you are in a crowded place, but do not want people to know what you are talking about, and writing a message is not possible. By talking on the radio transmitter, you can negotiate with friends about voice signs, which will imply a particular situation. This may be the name of certain letters, numbers, and even imitation of animal sounds. For example, the international code “10-20” means the question “where are you located?”,the word “Roger” means “I understand you”, the code “10-1” means “you can't hear well”, etc.

The radio transmitter has replaced the popular in the two thousandth Bluetooth-headset. And if it is usually a lot of people who were associated only with the communication of the military and law enforcement, now it is another alternative to comfortable communication in everyday life and in business. Group calls, chatting with friends and colleagues via voice communication, the ability to leave a voice memo are only a few of the benefits of voice communication. At the same time, today you can use the radio transmitter not in its ordinary sense, but even as an additional function of the gadget, simply by downloading it to your phone as an application. Technology is the closest and most convenient than ever!

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