Google buys data about clients of Mastercard: the company will know how much money and for what customers spend

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Four-year negotiations have ended with success for Google: the company will finally be able to purchase Mastercard data about their clients. Now in Google will know how many and how often you buy, paying with Mastercard cards, if you were looking for this product in the Internet. It seems that Google decided to capture the world and control the entire life activity of people on all corners of the Earth.

Will Google spend millions of dollars on data about the effectiveness of its advertising?

In particular, we are talking about purchases that were made during the transition from Google advertising to the partner's site and paid for MasterCard. As noted in the company itself, these data are necessary for them to study the effectiveness of their advertising. According to the received data, specialists will study the statistics of completed orders through the Internet and develop tools to stimulate such purchases.

Referring to the authoritative source in the subject of finance Bloomberg, the company paid millions of dollars for this information. According to the same source, Google is developing a tool that will determine the impact of online advertising on offline sales. Earlier, the company used information from its own services, but they did not give a reliable result. In particular, some data was taken from Google Maps, but after the scandal with the illegal reading of information, Google will refuse in favor of more legitimate and complete information.

It also became known that the agreement between the companies has been in effect for a year, but users have not been informed about this. Both companies declined to comment on the deal. Google has traditionally not disclosed information about transactions and partnerships with other companies.

Google specialists only indicated that they will not collect personal information from users. Representatives of the payment system noted that this is only necessary to study the effectiveness of advertising, without publishing personal data and data on transactions.



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