How to buy a used iPhone without problems

how to buy used iPhone

Today's market is oversaturated with suggestions for Apple gadgets, which were in use. Most of the proposals can be found on iPhones, because the company releases a lot of versions and updates. Of course, many offers come from people selling a certified iPhone, and in return they want to purchase a newer version. However, on online boards and in social networks you can see a lot of announcements from fraudsters who sell stolen and blocked devices, fakes, equipment with fake components or parts. People are deceived even by the fact that they offer 4,5 and 6 iPhones disguised as 4S, 5S and 6S, respectively, for 50-100 dollars more.

If you are buying a used smartphone for the first time or are simply not sure that you can get the original device with original parts and components, you should pay attention to this article. Buying a used iPhone contains many nuances, some of which do not even take into account an experienced buyer. And since intruders selling fakes and stolen goods become more every day, the likelihood of becoming a victim of an unscrupulous customer increases.

What should you take with to inspect your smartphone before buying it?

To avoid becoming a victim of intruders, you need to take a few things with you for inspection. This, of course, is not very convenient to take with you a whole list of things, however, keep in mind that you are making a big expensive purchase. Therefore, it is better to check everything in advance than to throw big money.

You will need a tool for opening a slot with a SIM card, a laptop (on which iTunes was installed), a headphones, a second smartphone, a valid SIM card, and preferably a power bank.

How not to become a victim of cheaters when buying used iPhone?

So, first of all, we advise you not to buy an iPhone over the Internet on a prepaid basis. If there is no opportunity to buy from hand to hand, use cash on delivery or some other way. Before buying, you need to check a lot of information to make sure that you are not deceived.

Second: pay attention to the models that have almost identical versions with the prefix S. The versions of the smartphone 4, 5 and 6 have almost the same appearance as the 4S, 5S and 6S. However, those with the prefix S are significantly more expensive in price (about $ 70-200), which is why attackers often give out older versions for advanced ones. How to make sure that the version of S offered to you is really such?

Whatever Apple phone you hold in your hands, you can check that it belongs to a certain version by the model number on the back of the case. At Apple, for each version of the smartphone developed one or more options for model numbers. Before buying, check the possible models of the gadget and if the number on the cover does not match the versions that are published on the Apple website – you are deceived. In the image above, model numbers are highlighted, look at all the modifications and check if they match the stated ones.

Third: the serial number and IMEI match on the box, case and SIM card slot. As you know, each original iPhone device is assigned a serial number and a unique IMEI code. You can find out more in our article about IMEI, what is its function, as well as in our other article about how to find it in the settings or on the iPhone`s case. This code must be presented to you for verification, and then another nuance appears: it must match on all the details of the phone. First, find the IMEI on the device, then on the box (if available), and also on the slot for the SIM card. Important: on phones of models iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus on the card slot may not contain an information about IMEI, this is normal and does not mean that the phone is fake.

If the IMEI and serial number do not match on different parts and the device box – this means that not original parts are embedded in the iPhone or the box from the device does not belong to this phone. If you find such problems, and the seller did not inform you in advance, this is a good reason to refuse to buy.

The lack of IMEI and serial number suggests that the iPhone is not original, but corny forged in China or Vietnam. To overpay for such a device is not necessary, because you will encounter significant problems in the operation of the device. You can not even contact the specialists of service centers serving the original Apple technology.

If the numbers match, check the history of the smartphone using the IMEI number on the official Apple website. So you can make sure that the phone is not in search, not claimed as lost or stolen, and also not blocked by iCloud or SIM. You can find out what types of locks exist and how you can legally unlock your iPhone in our articles.

Tip number 4: among the locked and unlocked iPhones, select the second. Despite the fact that a locked gadget can be much cheaper in cost, there is a possibility that you will not be able to remove the lock in general. At best, such a phone can be partially unlocked using various lock bypass services.

There are three types of iPhones by type of lock:

  • Neverlock is a device that is not blocked in any way - you can use it regardless of the country and mobile operator, and your Apple ID is cleared and ready to enter your personal data. With such an iPhone, as a rule, there are no problems, it is quite ready for use by the new owner.

  • Lock - iPhone with locked iCloud or locked by a mobile operator, under which the smartphone was sharpened. Identifying a block on an iPhone is quite simple: we will tell about it in the next section.

  • Softlock is an iPhone that was unlocked using software and is also ready for use by the new owner.

How to recognize a locked iPhone?

As we have repeatedly noted, the two most common types of iPhone blocking are blocking by iCloud and by SIM card (blocking by a mobile operator). If the lock is made by a mobile operator, you will find a metal substrate in the SIM card slot, you can see it in the image below.

Also pay attention is in the phone settings registered the same operator as the SIM-card, embedded in the slot. Compare the SIM card with what is written in the settings. You can find this information as follows: Settings - General - About - Operator. If there is no match, the smartphone is locked.

Information about the blocked iCloud you will find when checking the history of the gadget with IMEI. If there has been such a blocking, the official Apple resource will tell you about it.

How to check the serviceability of parts and whether the smartphone was repaired?

Chips, scratches and other defects indicate intensive use, in which there was a fall and hit of the smartphone in the water, as well as repairs. If the seller convinces you that the device was not in repair, but you have found evidence to the contrary, we advise you not to buy a gadget. If the seller tries to hide the repair of the device, it may mean that the parts were replaced with fake ones or the phone had a significant defect that would influence in future use.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the two screws in the form of a star on each side of the slot for the charger. If they have scratches and traces of parsing, this means that the phone was under repair because it was disassembled.

In the further operation of the device, defects in the case and the screen may appear. Remember that defects in buttons and keys, as well as areas of the antenna module, will lead to problems with use and poor quality communication. Therefore, click on each button, which is equipped with a gadget and make sure that it works properly.

Separately, I would like to say about the need for high-quality operation of the Home key. It should respond from the first attempt. Test it for a few seconds – open several applications, maximize and minimize windows, in a word, do more operations using the key. It should not stick, slowly respond and subside. Replacing or repairing this key is a rather expensive service, so there should be no problems with it at the time of purchase.

An important element of quality iPhone is a camera. Even if you do not use the camera and you are not interested in photo quality, you need to test the camera, since defects in its work may indicate other problems of the gadget. If the image renders yellow or blue – there can be serious problems in the sensor operation. Also note that the camera window is not clogged and dusty – this will affect the quality of the photo.

Regarding the screen, it is necessary to check for the presence of broken pixels (black or rainbow colored squares, indicating defects in the screen), as well as brightness control and possible repair. If you are not much, but significantly pressed on the screen, and it creaks or crunches – probably, the smartphone changed the screen. Broken pixels are visible to the naked eye, and brightness control as well – for each offset on the scale, the brightness should be adjusted.

You can check the sensor by pressing various icons and applications. You can also open the keyboard and try to press all the letters in a row – if there are “dead zones” on the screen, certain letters will not be pressed.

As for communication, you can ask for installing your personal SIM card. To check the quality of sound, call a friend and hold a minute conversation. So you know well if you hear the interlocutor using the device and if there are any defects in the sound quality.

Check slots for charger and headphones. External devices should not hang out in the slot. Listen to the sound from the headphones – with extraneous violins and partial loss of sound, you can detect defects.

Very often, future owners worry about water. Check the "drowned" can be on the side keys or in the slots of the device. A red marker indicates reaction with water.

Clearing the old Apple ID by the previous owner

Before the purchase the previous owner must to remove his own Apple ID from device. He must do this with you, if he did not that before your meeting . You can check Apple ID cleared of extraneous entries in the settings. In case the phone is “clean” and ready to link a new account, you will not find accounts in the iTunes Store, Apple Store and iCloud. You can find these options in Settings. We remind you that there should not be any accounts of previous users, otherwise you will not be able to use the gadget.

So, the nuances when buying a used iPhone set, and can not be neglected, none of them. As a rule, the failure of one part entails a number of other defects, making it impossible for the device to work correctly. Therefore, treat such a purchase with all the attention, so as not to become a victim of fraudsters and do not overpay for a fake.

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