How to check the iPhone by its unique IMEI number

check the phone by IMEI

Any purchase of equipment from hands is a risk and responsibility for the new owner. When buying a phone or other gadget that was in use, you become the owner of the device that could be stolen, blocked, blacklisted by Apple, and others. You can find out information that may be the reason not to buy this gadget.

To do this, you need to own (if the gadget is in your hands and you can personally check) or, upon request to the seller, find out the IMEI number. In our previous article, we show you ways to recognize IMEI. It can be viewed in the phone settings, and in the new models of Apple gadgets there is an engraving with IMEI on the case (back panel).

Once you have an IMEI number on hand, you can find out almost the entire history of the gadget. Only by this number a potential buyer can find out the following:

  • is there any blocking on the gadget (by iCloud or by SIM-card);

  • whether the owner has filed a theft claim;

  • was the phone lost;

  • is the gadget in Apple's blacklist?

  • whether the gadget is original (a non-original gadget will not be assigned by IMEI at all by the official manufacturer);

  • you can find out certain parameters of the gadget: version, manufacturer, country of manufacture, and the like.

How to learn the history of the iPhone by IMEI?

In order to find out information about the gadget by a unique IMEI number, you can use various free and paid services. However, it is important not to fall prey to intruders who collect information about gadgets and can use or distort data about the device.

If you buy a gadget from hands and the seller is offered to check the information on IMEI on the service offered by the seller itself – it is better to check the information on several services.

However, we offer you the most reliable option. The corresponding service has already been developed by Apple itself. This method is free, reliable and official. You do not need time to process the request, and you will not pay for this service. Obviously, the company has developed such a free service, as it is interested in identifying inaccurate data, as well as stolen and lost gadgets that thieves are trying to resell.

By the link, which is the official resource of Apple, you can safely check the validity and history of your gadget. Most importantly, this data will not be passed on to third parties and will not be used against you.

So, IMEI contains extensive data about the gadget that you hold in your hands or are going to get from your hands. Before you buy, you should pay attention to the history of the gadget, so as not to become a victim of intruders. There are several easy ways to recognize IMEI. And you can get information on unique IMEI numbers on many resources, sometimes paid ones. However, we recommend using the official and free resource from Apple, for your safety and to save time and money.

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