How to find the IMEI number on the iPhone or iPad – all possible ways

how to view IMEI

To unlock an iPhone or other device, users need to know its IMEI. Almost any unlocking service uses data about the device, of which IMEI is necessary. Knowing the IMEI of the device is also necessary in order to confirm its existence and validity. This is useful for users who, for example, buy a phone from hands or order a device via the Internet. Thus, you can make sure that the phone with the assigned IMEI really exists, and it is also original.

IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity – is a unique number assigned to a mobile device using an international system. If it is simpler, then this is a kind of bar code for mobile devices, using which you can get information about a specific gadget. IMEI consists of 15 digits, and they already contain data about the device, for example, about its version.

In this article we will talk about how to find the IMEI number for your device and how to verify the validity and originality of the device by IMEI.

View IMEI for iPhone by connecting to PC

So how to find your iPhone's IMEI? Use this step by step instruction:

  • Connect your iPhone to a PC; select the desired device from the list in iTunes (for version 7.6 and newer);

  • Select the tab "Summary", where you can find the serial number of the phone;

  • On the same tab, you can find IMEI by clicking the "Phone Number" button;

  • To find out the ICCID (Integrated circuit card identifier) ​​– the unique serial number of the SIM card, press the “IMEI” button.

How to find IMEI for iPhone without connecting to PC

There is also a way to find IMEI without connecting an iPhone to a personal computer. You can find it without connecting to a PC through iTunes.

Follow the steps below:

  • On your PC, open iTunes 8.1 or later and move the cursor over the “Backup Device” tab;

  • Next, you will need to select the “Settings” option; for Windows users, first click "Edit", then "Settings";

  • Next, you select the tab "Devices"; If you hover your mouse over the backup of the iPhone, you will see its serial number and IMEI.


How to find IMEI for iPhone specifically in the settings of the device itself

If your device is not blocked, you can see IMEI in the settings, without connecting to a PC and without using a PC as a whole.

To do this, use the following instructions:

  • Go to "Settings", then select "General";

  • Select the tab "About", it should be one of the first;

  • Scroll information, below there is IMEI data.

How to recognize IMEI by iPhone backside or by original box

On iPhones of versions 8, 7, 6S, 6, 6 Plus, SE, 5S, 5C and 5 IMEI is located on the back panel of the device. In newer devices on the back there is an engraving with IMEI.


You can find IMEI on the original box of the device, if you have one. This information is located next to the barcode and looks like this:

How to find IMEI by entering a digital combination?

Another fairly simple way to find  IMEI is to enter a specific number combination on the phone. It is free and does not require any time to search or process information.

On the phone panel, enter the combination * # 06 #, after which the IMEI number will appear on the screen.


So, information about IMEI is very important, especially if you want to buy a phone from hands or check its originality. This data is also required to unlock your device. There are quite a few simple ways to recognize the IMEI of your phone, you can use any of them.

We remind you that the confidential data of the device can not be disclosed. On a data set, for example IMEI, serial number, password to Apple ID, etc. device can be blocked and hacked.

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