How to unlock iPhone: types of blocking, jailbreaks, services, prices, manual unlocking


Unlocking an iPhone is a vast subject that is complex and requires consideration of the specific situation of your device. However, you can determine what type of unlock you need, as well as find out the nuances and features for each iPhone model. It's not a secret that each model and each version of the iOS operating system has its own characteristics of blocking the device. Regardless of which way you decide to unlock a smartphone, you need to know what kind of lock is on it, what can be done by yourself and how to unlock in general.

What types of blocking of iPhone exist?

First, you need to find out how the device is locked. There are three common types of blocking a) iCloud Activation Lock is on, b) the iPhone is locked by the mobile operator, c) you have forgotten the numeric device password. Let's take a closer look at each option to determine what kind of locking you have in your case.

You have forgotten the numeric device password. To protect data, a numeric password can be set on the device, consisting of a combination of four or six digits. This combination must be entered each time to unlock the device and use it, view data and alerts and so one. If you forget this combination, it will be impossible to restore it even by contacting the company representatives. There is information that data about specific digital blocking combinations are not provided even to special forces. Therefore, the only way to unlock such a device is to remember the combination. Try some of the simplest options, birthdays, important dates and other passwords that you use for payment cards or for access to social networks.

IPhone is blocked by the mobile operator. Such a lock is possible in the case when you bought the second-hand phone. This is the most common type of blocking for gadgets that hit the country by semi-legal or illegal ways means from America and Asian countries. There, people mostly use the services of a mobile operator on a contract basis. This means that the phone was provided to the user for free or for a symbolic price, who bought a one-year or more often two-year package of mobile operator services on a contractual basis. Usually, operators install the option of using the phone on the device only if they use the services of the operator who provided the phone to the client. Therefore, when entering our country, the phone will be blocked for our mobile operators.

The iPhone has iCloud Activation Lock enabled. This method of blocking is one of the most common and rather difficult to bypass, or even more so to unlock. This means that the data and menu of the phone are locked, and the client can`t use the smartphone. Starting with iOS 7, developers have introduced this option for the iPhone and iPad in order to make it almost impossible to sell a stolen or lost device. The most frequent case of iCloud blocking is the result of entering someone else's Apple ID data in the iCloud settings on your iPhone. It also happens that a used smartphone has an incorrectly untied Apple ID of the previous user, then when you enter your ID data, the phone may be blocked. There have also been cases when iCloud blocked due to replacement or updating of the operating system. These types of locks have no connection with each other, so each type has its own algorithm and several options for unlocking.

How to unlock an iPhone if you have forgotten a numeric password?

And although in the description of the lock, we indicated that the only way to unlock such a device is to remember the password, there is still a method by which you can reset the data, and then enter a new password to use device. However, there is one big minus in it - all data on the device will be deleted, in fact, you will return the gadget to the factory default settings. If you are ready for this step, use the instructions below. If not, you will have to remember the password with which you blocked the device.

So, the instruction for resetting data from the device:

  • connect the device with a cable to your computer and launch iTunes;

  • do a hard reboot of your device. How to do this we described in our article here;

  • hold the buttons that you use for hard reset until the iTunes logo appears on the device’s screen. This means that recovery mode is enabled on the device;

  • then will appear a window on the computer screen with a suggestion to restore or update the device; select restore;

  • using iTunes, the current version of the operating system will start downloading to your phone, it is important that the Internet connection is fast, the download should take up to 15 minutes, otherwise the whole process will have to be repeated;

  • after loading the device will have factory default settings so you can choose new password

How to unlock an iPhone if it is blocked by a foreign mobile operator?

There is a bypass for this type of lock. More precisely, there are two of them, but very few people tried and achieved unlocking the first of them. The first type of unlocking is to call the hotline to the service provider who blocked the phone and explain the situation. If you are fluent in English (mostly you need to speak it), you can explain the situation. Also for this call, you should know the details such as account number of the executed contract with the operator and whether you are the owner of this account. You may be heard and unlocked the phone. Immediately warn about the ineffectiveness of attempts to contact by e-mail or comments with the operator – this has not worked yet, so you can not even spend time on it. Or you call by yourself, or do not expect correspondence will solve the problem, they will simply not answer you.

The second option, or rather a blocking bypass, is to buy an additional adapter for SIM cards. This is done in order to use the adapter to create a form of an American or Asian SIM card in the device slot. Then the phone does not recognize that the “wrong” SIM card is embedded in it, which is programmed by the operator. This adapter is called TurboSIM, it can be purchased online or in specialized stores with appliances. When choosing, buy an adapter from three of the most well-known manufacturers: R-Sim, Jevey and Heicard.

How to bypass a lock or unlock a device with iCloud Activation Lock?

There are a lot of nuances that need to be considered before trying to unlock the device by yourself or entrust unlocking to professionals. There is an option to return the device to the service center, however, there is no guarantee that you will receive the device back or the services ordered. In general, bypass the blocking of the iPhone is safer, cheaper, and it can also be done by yourself.

Scammers earn on blocking and unlocking iPhones

In many countries of the world, people are faced with the fact that the device, which they give to the service center, can be taken away from the original parts and replaced with a fake. Beware of fraudsters, without critical need do not give the smartphone into the hands of such “masters”.

It is important not to succumb to another type of fraud: attackers gain access to an Apple ID by picking up a password for e-mail that is attached to an Apple ID. After that, the attackers replace the password from the account and activate iCloud Activation Lock, in parallel with which they send you a message that they will provide a new password for a set amount of money.

Among other types of fraud with access to Apple ID is the so-called phishing. An email is sent to your post stating that your Apple ID settings are being replaced, so go to the Apple website and enter the current password for your account. The man quickly goes to the site and enters his data, on emotions without noticing that this is a twin site, and not the official Apple site. So malefactors collect data, and accordingly, block the smartphone.

How to act in the first minutes of blocking?

First try to log in to the account and to the e-mail attached to it. If this fails, try to restore access to the mail using the form on the mail site. If this does not help, and you are still unable to log into your account or mail, you can report the incident to Apple technical support, all relevant contact information can be found on the official website. Mostly, local specialists solve your problem. However, you will need to explain the problem in details in English, and then prove that it is you who is calling. As a rule, all recovery instructions will be sent to you or communicated. If there is no opportunity to call technical support for various reasons, we advise you to use services that help bypass the block.

Up-to-date and safe service for bypass locking ProWebIOS

Among the services we are testing, bypassing blocking via iCloud Activation Lock, the most secure is ProWebIOS. This service is proven by thousands of users, thanks to which you can use most of the functions of your iPhone. You have access to springboard and applications. Service`s interface looks like imitation of your screen and menu.

The service connection algorithm has several points that you can find out on the website of this service. A significant advantage will be the fact that the Pro-version of the service in the past month became free, so you do not even have to pay for this bypass. In any case, you can test this method, as people from all over the world already use the service and the feedback about it is almost always positive.

What iPhone features can I use with ProWebIOS?

We remind that this service is a blocking bypass, and not an option to completely unlock the device. Full unlocking is mostly promised by scammers, or the same intruders who have taken possession of access to the device, or simply promise to help clients, however, after receiving the money, they will do absolutely nothing.

So consider a number of functions that can be used thanks to ProWebIOS:

  • using features without intrusive advertising;

  • option to create thematic lists on your springboard;

  • go to any sites via the Safari browser address bar;

  • change the design of the screen - you have choice of themes and wallpapers;

  • option to add an unlimited number of applications.

What are the alternatives to bypass the lock?

You can use other services to bypass the device lock. However, most of them are paid unchecked resources, the developers of which can use the personal data of customers, take money for the services provided and merge data from your smartphone. We recommend using proven products, pay attention to the number of users, reviews, read the information and privacy policy.

So, we told you about services, devices, and workarounds among the most common types of locks. In general, in addition to contacting Apple support, every turn is an action against a company, and you should know this when you use a jailbreak and continue to use a blocked iPhone. Of course, situations may be critical, devices often block through no fault of your own, so you have to work with this. However, we recommend using safe services and adapters, therefore we have given you a list of manufacturers and developers whom we trust ourselves. Be sure to test everything you plan to use. Do not share your data with third parties and do not use resources where such things require. We would be pleased if we were useful to you. More information you can find in other materials of our blog.

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