How you can legally unlock your Apple device's iCloud

legal method

Starting with iOS 7, Apple has strengthened the data protection system on devices. Clients were deprived of the opportunity to use the device, which entered the wrong password or email from Apple ID. It was from the seventh version of the operating system that users were faced with the problem of unlocking devices – since the entering of incorrect data meant that the device was lost or stolen, so the data on it was protected from potential intruders.

This system for Apple devices was developed by US law enforcement agencies. Since then, vendors, users and service owners have been unable to fully unlock a device with a locked iCloud. Today, this service can not provide any hackers or service specialists, or even software developers.

The Apple device, on which the seventh and later firmware is installed, is automatically blocked if you enter incorrect data to log in to your Apple ID. This may be due to outside interference, for example, from intruders, or because you have forgotten your login details.

Often, users try to flash the device by dropping all the data in the device using iTunes. But here, after installing the new firmware, you will be awaited by the data entry field to enter the Apple ID. It is the data that was needed before the flashing.

Although it is believed on the Internet that it will not be possible to unlock the device by legal methods, Apple has nevertheless provided the legal unlock option. Depending on the conditions in which you purchased the device, how much you know English and whether you have a purchase check, you can try to unlock the device.

How to unlock a device with a check from the Apple Store?

Please note that unlocking an iPhone or another Apple device with a check is only possible if you purchased the device from the official Apple Store. Checks from other stores, even if they belong to major well-known networks, will not help you in unlocking.

If you still have the necessary check, you need to do the following:

  • Take a picture of the device, putting it screen-down (that is, take a photo of the back side);

  • Take a photo of the box from the device in such a way that the bar code is clearly visible;

  • Take a photo of the check from the purchase of device;

  • Send the photo by e-mail to;

  • In the letter, briefly describe your situation; the text should be in English and contain a minimum of errors, and it is better to do without them.

How to unlock an Apple device if you don't have a check and a box?

For users of devices who have purchased their Apple gadgets from their hands on the black market or in a hardware store that is not part of the Apple Store network, there remains a way to partially bypass the lock. Any communication with Apple experts in these cases will not be effective. According to clearly defined company rules, your device is considered to be stolen or lost.

The possibility of full unlocking is provided to you only in the case when you have forgotten the data for entering the Apple ID, and then remembered it. If your gadget was blocked by intruders and demanding a ransom for returning the possibility of entry, we advise you not to get involved with such people. As soon as you pay the money, no one will guarantee that the device will not be blocked again and will not require more money from you.

For users who need at least partial access to the device, various services are provided to bypass the lock. More information about the free services for partial unlocking we published in this material.

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