iPad or a feather? How Zack Nelson easily damaged the new line of gadgets from Apple

bend test

The global community, especially geeks, has flown around a video in which the well-known blogger Zach Nelson bends the iPad with amazing ease and crumbles the iPhone screen. It was not without the jokes that Steve Jobs even in a nightmare could not imagine that the products of his offspring would quickly lose the traditional Apple quality.

Virtually without any effort to damage, the new versions of Apple gadgets dance in the hands of Nelson like feathers. How should potential buyers do and react, and should Apple continue to choose products in spite of the high price and inadequate quality?


Apple surprises us not for the first time, and not only with quality

Apple is able to surprise, and not only in the positive sense of the word. Moreover, even during the career of Steve Jobs, it would seem that the negative side of the product could be presented as an advantage. Remember only the presentation of the first iMac without a floppy drive, which caused a wave of disappointment and criticism. However, only a few years have passed, and no one remembers the DVDs as something meaningful and necessary, people have adapted to the new conditions dictated by Apple. Now they are happy to use the PC itself as a device for storing all necessary information. And indeed, why do we need DVD now, if films or any information can be viewed online or stored in the computer’s memory and always be at hand. The same can be said about the first models of the iMac – sluggish and voluminous, in terms of cost and idea, they significantly lost to the more portable computers of 1998. However, the effect of Apple, as always, worked, making the name of the brand one of the key on the planet.

How to sell such gadgets in the future?

It is possible that sales volumes subsequently this problem will not fall. However, Apple experts already report that the iPhone XR has not met expectations for today and its sales are very low. The reasons, of course, are not in the quality of the product, however, in the future the quality of gadgets also can affect the price and popularity of the brand.

So, today it is difficult to say whether the Nelson video was a black PR from the company itself. However, this quality of gadgets really does not encourage buyers to trust the brand. Apple once again tests the patience of customers – will they rely on quality or will it be on a big-name brand?

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