iPhone blocked by AT&T operator: how to unlock or bypass the lock?

how to unlock AT&T iPhone

Locking Apple hardware is one of the biggest problems, especially when buying and selling used gadgets. There are two most common ways to lock Apple gadgets: iCloud lock and mobile operator lock. Today we will talk about the second type of locking, namely, locking gadgets by the American operator AT&T. In the article we will consider the following questions:

  • How when viewing a gadget to determine whether it is locked by the operator?

  • What is AT&T and how does this company lock my Apple gadget?

  • How to buy a used Apple gadget without AT&T locking?

  • What legal ways to unlock a gadget exist when it locked by AT&T?

  • How can I bypass the AT&T lock?

So, a used iPhone with AT&T locking most often gets to the new owner due to its attractively low price. Not all potential buyers are aware of the lock, so they are often tempted by the low price without finding defects on the case and on the screen. Sometimes people deliberately buy a locked iPhone, hoping that they can unlock it or bypass the lock. Indeed, in most cases, the gadget can be used with bypass or removing the lock. True, it is often worth the extra cost, so consider whether you should take the risk consciously. In addition, a locked phone could be stolen or lost, so some time after turning it on you may be searched by law enforcement officials to return the gadget to its owner.

Whichever way you purchase or intend to purchase a locked gadget, the question is: how to unlock an iPhone? If you’re just going to purchase a used Apple gadget and want to check your device for locking, check out the following two paragraphs of the article.

What is AT&T locking on an iPhone or other Apple gadget?

AT&T is an American mobile operator known for attracting new customers through an extensive loyalty program. You are offered to enter into a contract with the company for a year or two, in return for issuing an iPhone when you use the SIM card of this operator. The iPhone is configured in such a way that the gadget does not support SIM cards of any other operators, only AT&T. That is the essence of blocking. As a rule, these phones are provided to AT&T subscribers for free, so they are then trying to resell them to the countries of Europe and Asia. Buyers who have purchased such a gadget in Europe, Asia or even in any other country outside the United States will not be able to use the device because of its American operator. The same applies not only iPhones, but also iPads.

How to check if there is an AT&T lock on an Apple gadget?

The easiest way to check if Apple’s gadget is locked, stolen or lost is to find out this information on Apple’s official website. Each official Apple gadget has a unique IMEI ID number. You can ask the gadget IMEI from the seller, or find it in the settings of the gadget, if you hold it in your hands. Enter IMEI in the appropriate field on the official Apple website and find out if there are any blocking or other problems on the gadget.

If for some reason you cannot find IMEI, the seller does not tell you it, or you want to check the gadget in another way, they certainly exist. You can check the gadget for locking by AT&T operator by inserting your personal SIM card into the gadget. Also note whether there are additional elements in the slot, removable plates. If there are any, take them out of the slot and try inserting your card. If no blocking messages appear on the gadget screen, try calling your friend. If there is a connection and everything works, the phone is not blocked. If the slot had removable metal or plastic liners, the so-called Turbo-SIM, the gadget is locked. And this disc imitates the form of an AT&T card, and helps to bypass the lock.

How to legally unlock iPhone with an AT&T locking?

There is a fairly obvious way to legally unlock it, which requires effort and does not guarantee a positive result. You can remove the mobile operator’s lock if you contact the operator directly. You need to call or send a request to unlock on the official website of the operator. In this situation, the call will be a more effective way to settle the problem. Literate English is enough to explain that you purchased the phone and did not know about locking by the AT&T operator. Indicate in which country you are currently located, explain that the default operator does not provide services in your country. You may be asked a few additional questions to answer. You may also be offered to pay for unlocking. If you turned to the official representative of the operator, you can transfer the specified amount of funds. In case of payment for the service, make a request for an electronic receipt for payment.

How to unlock a phone if you by yourself own a gadget and use AT&T services?

It often happens that for some time living in the United States, you by yourself used the services of AT&T. In the future, you plan to change the operator or country of residence, and you want to keep the gadget that you used under the contract. In this case, you need to unlock the operator in order to use the device with the support of other mobile operators.

Step 1. Open any web browser on your mobile device or desktop and go to att.com/deviceunlock. Then login to your account.

Step 2. Now be sure to read the qualification requirements for unlocking the iPhone and agree with them. After you fill out the request form, send it.

Step 3. Next, you need to wait for the confirmation email with the unlock request number. To confirm the request to unlock the iPhone, you need to follow the link in the email within 24 hours after receipt.

Step 4. Next, an AT&T representative will send you a response within two business days. So that you can easily unlock your iPhone, representative will also send you instructions for unlocking without problems. However, remember that the carrier may also reject your request if your iPhone does not meet the requirements.

Bypass lock: what are the types of bypass and how to use them?

One of the fairly simple and cheap ways is to get a Turbo-SIM. This is a small metal or plastic tab, which is placed in the SIM card slot. The SIM card should be inserted into this tab, and the tab into the slot. Thus, the device can be "tricked" by simulating the dimensions of the AT&T operator card in the slot. You should know that in different countries of the world the cost of Turbo-SIM varies between 20-50 dollars. Tabs are more expensive to quality. It is also worth knowing that the worn tab can not work for a long time, so the cheaper it is, the faster its action will not be effective. In some cases, cheap or old tabs can affect the volume and quality of mobile communications.

To bypass a lock or even complete unlocking, you can use the services of service intermediaries. In the first case, you will install software that you can use the gadget with, and in the other case, they will contact the operator instead of you and try to agree on unlocking. This gives you an advantage and a chance for a positive unlock. Of course, such services are not cheap, and you need to access services only upon recommendations and feedback from people you know.

Beware of cheaters who offer to instantly unlock the gadget. It is an instant unlock that will not work, because communication with the operator lasts from several days to two months. Specify whether you mean the establishment of a Turbo-SIM under instant unlocking. After all, this is not an unlock, but only one way to bypass. This is an important detail, and you should not overpay for such "unlocking". After all, Turbo-SIM is sold in many hardware stores and workshops. The tab can be purchased and inserted into the slot yourself, it does not require special knowledge and skills.

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