iPhone bug with pop-up updates on iOS 12: how to fix?

New line of Apple gadgets introduced already with the new version of the operating system. However, as in all previous versions of iOS, users are faced with a large number of bugs. Some of them are actually very uncomfortable when use gadgets, and some are just annoying, so the desire to get rid of them is quite natural.

One of these bugs is the regular appearance of pop-up messages about the presence of operating system updates. First, the pop-up appears during your use of the applications, and secondly, there are no updates. This greatly hinders users, forcing them to interrupt work with the gadget. And well, if you're just viewing the Instagram feed, but what if you say you're really working with an Apple gadget?

What to do if your gadget on iOS 12 "suffers" with such a bug?

The first thing that needs to be realized is that this error appeared as a result of beta-testing, which developers are actively pursuing on the operating system. Representatives of the company claim that over time this problem is eliminated, however, testing is still ongoing. This practice is not unique to Apple, it is done with the aim of improving the service and functioning of almost any device. By the way, a bug with the pop-up update is observed on iPhones and iPads, also possible on older models, in which there was an upgrade of the operating system to the twelfth version.

What do we recommend doing to solve this problem?

There are two options, so to speak, for the lazy and not too much. The first is to downgrade the operating system to version 11.4.1. This can be done using the base program iTunes or 3u tools. After that, you can expect a release in social networks about the fact that the developers have eliminated the bug. And after that you can upgrade your gadget to the latest version of the operating system.

If you do not want to use the old OS version, but want to correct this defect in the device, then follow the instructions in our tutorial:

  • Go to Settings - then General - then Time and Date;

  • Turn off automatic date setting;

  • Set the past date (two or three days ago)

  • That’s all! Pop-ups with updates will disappear!

As you can see, this method also took very little time, however, the bug was eliminated. We emphasize that this solution is temporary until the developers announce a solution to the problem.

So, we told how to get rid of almost the most annoying bug among the defects of the new operating system. As soon as the developers solve the problem, we will inform you about it. In the meantime, follow our news on the website and on social networks FB, VK and Telegram to be the first to learn about effective solutions for Apple gadgets and news from the IT world.

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