Jailbreak tweak for iPhones for placing notification banners at the bottom of the screen

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In the context of the frantic pace of development of the Apple gadget market, we learn not only about new advantages and opportunities, but also about bugs, shortcomings and even inconveniences. For example, we are watching the presentation of each new model of iPhone. The diagonal of the screen in each new model is increasing, and now it reaches the size when it becomes even a little inconvenient to use a smartphone.

Particularly inconvenience concerns dragging icons or notification banners along the entire screen area. Since it is large enough, it is not always convenient to hold the phone with one hand and to manipulate notification banners.

Inventive developers have already analyzed this problem and even found a solution. Since previously the notification banners were placed on the screen at the top of the screen, the user had to drag them to the very bottom of the screen in order to remove the device’s navigation bar. One of the developers involved in the invention of software to simplify the use of smartphones on iOS, proposed to move the notification banners at the bottom of the screen. Thus, when an alert appears, the banner of this notification will automatically be placed at the bottom of the screen. In this case, to move it, you can use the phone as usual with one hand. This is how tweak BottomBannersX2 appeared.

Many users share their impressions of testing this tweak, which can be downloaded and used on jailbroken gadgets. As a rule, at first it is quite difficult to get used to the fact that the banners of the notifications appear at the bottom of the screen, but you can get used to it quickly enough. Over time, you will no longer notice the placement of banners below, and you can fully use your smartphone with one hand.

Impressions from tweak are confirmed by the developer of this tool – Rishanan. By the way, the tweak is absolutely free, the developer has published it on the network for free access.

What are the advantages of tweak we noticed:

  • when using this tweak, notification banners move from the navigation bar; that is, banners are placed in such a way as not to overlap the "Back" button in the settings, etc .;

  • tweak changes only the placement of banners of notifications and no longer affects the operation of the smartphone by any other actions;

  • together with this tweak you can download any others and use them, the work of other software BottomBannersX2 will not affect.

So, the jailbreak community is not left unattended and gets valuable development that you can test and use for free. If you have long dreamed of simplifying the use of an iPhone, in particular, using a gadget with one hand, this tweak will be especially useful. Last week we wrote about another tweak that can be used on jailbroken gadgets – read our article and test high-quality software. We remind you: beware of people and services offering you the use of this tweak for money, as well as those who can process and use your confidential data for their own purposes.

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