Massive blocking of iPhones: what happened and how to react?

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What type of lock attacked gadgets?

Worldwide known service companies, including Apple gadgets unlocking services, sounded the alarm – many users from all over the world turned to services because of blocking Apple ID. Mass blocking of gadgets began last week, and so far the cause of this incident has not been established.

People deal with the problem of a sudden blocking of the iPhones and iPads and, of course, they are asked first of all if they have blocked the phone themselves by entering the wrong Apple ID password. In most cases, it turns out that people did not block the phone through their own fault; the blocking happened at the system level of the smartphone or tablet itself.

What could it be?

Specialists from all over the world are already talking about a serious hacker attack on Apple databases, because otherwise it is really difficult to explain such a massive failure on devices all over the world. The fact that the problem occurred in the company itself is confirmed by the fact that Apple experts do not comment the incident. While users do not know what to do and who to contact for help. In the meantime, until the company perceived blocking as an intrusion into its security system, users are in no hurry to solve the problem.

What do we advise users to do?

If the phone on which the Apple ID is blocked belongs to you, and you created your account by yourself, or you did it at your request, it will be easy to restore the login to your account.

  • Initially, try to restore the input manually by answering a few verification questions that you chose during registration and answered them;

  • You can try to restore access through the phone and mail that you linked to your account;

  • Reset the configured passwords for login and update them to more complex ones, and in order not to block the device again, keep a reminder somewhere that you have recently changed your password.

If you can not restore access manually

If you are unable to follow the steps in the instructions that we provide above, use the help of professionals. There are quite a few companies and online services on the market, however, rely on the reviews of people you know and carefully learn the information about the service or company.

Among the proven ones, we offer the ProWebIOS online service, a system that has proven itself to be reliable and advanced. An important advantage of the service is that developers do not share your information with third parties. Access to the locked device will be available in minutes, and most importantly, the Pro version last month became free. Because as a temporary or even permanent solution, this service will be very useful for you.

Here is what the developers offer:


  • option to change the wallpaper and screen design;

  • access to a blocked device without annoying ads;

  • option to add an unlimited quantity of applications to the device;

  • the ability to go to any sites via the Safari browser address bar;

  • option to create thematic lists of applications on your springboard.

So, there probably was a massive attack on the accounts of users of Apple devices. Despite the fact that the company itself did not explain what happened during the incident and how users can protect themselves from such incidents in the future, we will always advise you some effective solutions. If you can not unlock the device yourself, contact the proven services and companies. When choosing a service, we recommend paying attention to the following details: time on the market, reviews on the network and on the official resources of the service, privacy policy, information about the transfer of your data to third parties.

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