New feature in Gmail: automatic deleting of emails from all Google databases

Gmail sending mail

Recently, a scandal erupted over the company's illegal use of geolocation data. The company had to admit that even with the geolocation function disabled, employees continue to read information about the location of the device.

Google knows how to hush up the scandal with the help of the necessary feature

Therefore, Google decided to respond with pleasantness and create some function to hide user data. To hush up the scandal with geolocation, developers have pleased users with the function of automatic deletion of letters from all databases.

When you create a letter in the Gmail service, you will see the function of specifying the date when the message should be deleted from all databases. Users will be able to deliver the destruction date from 24 hours to 60 months. Also, the company will set a ban on sending letters to third persons, for copying and printing text messages from the dial string in Gmail.

By the way, users of the mobile version of Gmail will be able to edit previously sent messages. This applies to minor changes and additions, as well as the complete removal of the letter.

The new feature will simplify the work with the mail service, as well as protect users from accidental sending of messages, including those not to the addressees. Gmail, already in the top of the mail services, is now significantly ahead of the competition, because not every company can afford this function. However, the time and testing function will show exactly how Google coped with the realization.



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