Overview of iCloud block bypass using a DNS server

For newbies: what is iCloud DNS bypass

We remind you that in case of problems with entering the Apple ID, the company does not provide the ability to unlock the device. Moreover, employees of the company will consider the blocked device stolen, therefore they do not give access to the use for the alleged robber. Despite the fact that such security measures are justified, there are a large number of people who have lost access to the gadget for other reasons. However, these cases in Apple do not take into account, pushing all under one link to lose access.

As noted on the iCloud DNS bypass website, the DNS method of unlocking iCloud is not a complete, but the only way to use your blocked device. Despite the fact that users of 50+ million Apple gadgets took advantage of this type of workaround, the server is only a few percent loaded. That is, the likelihood of overloading or other restriction, due to which this bypass may stop working, is very low.

A blocked device with a crawl through a DNS server can be used as a kind of application. Among the functional: the ability to take photos and shoot videos, listen to radio, music, use the browser, springboard emulation, and the like.

How does this type of blocking bypass work?

In general, the DNS bypass method is, in fact, an alternative DNS server, whose IP-address can be entered into the personal WI-FI settings of a device. After changing the IP-address, your blocked gadget will gain access to the Internet, and with it will return to itself a certain functionality. The technical side of this question is described in more detail on the geek-resource Habr, its author is the developer of one of the bypass services using a DNS server. If you need to extend the use of a blocked device in any way and you are not afraid of the restrictions dictated by the bypass – this method is for you.

What are the advantages of iCloud DNS bypass?

The advantages of any tool for bypassing the block are relative, because they do not allow the full use of the data by the id. However, users who need at least partial access to the gadget should be aware of the benefits.

  • One of the main advantages of this method is universality – this method is suitable for all Apple gadgets regardless of the version of the operating system;

  • It is valuable that this method does not reduce the speed of the Internet connection and gives access to the local server;

  • The developers of DNS bypass services offer interesting authoring additional features to interest users;

  • The use of such services is safe and free (depending on the authors of the service, check the information on the privacy policy page on the official resources of the service developer);

  • A large number of people in the world use DNS bypass services, so you can get advice and learn about the benefits in the community of like-minded people.

ProWebIOS and iCloudDNSbypass services

Among the proven and recommended by us services that work by the method of bypassing blocking through a DNS server, we call ProWebIOS and iCloudDNSbypass. These services are quite similar, because they work on the same algorithm. The developers have added several features to attract users to choose this or that product.

iCloudDNSbypass boasts an integrated menu with popular sites. And in the ProWebIOS service, the author’s auto-rotate function of the screen when watching videos on Youtube was developed – so far none of the service developers of this niche have provided such feature.

We recommend these services to you, as we are sure that the developers do not transfer your data to third parties. In general, many of the bypass services do not transfer your confidential data. However, before using the bypass, you should learn by yourself the privacy policy in detail – what it envisages and whether it will not harm your user rights.

So, iCloud blocking bypass using a DNS server is a functionally limited, but quite safe and simple method of using a blocked device. According to this principle, more than 50 million Apple brand gadgets are used in the world. Essentially, bypass services differ only in the security of your data and in some of the author's developments that the developer captures the user's attention. Before using the service, even in test mode, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the official resource of the service and examine the information on protecting your user security.

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