So, what is better: iCloud DNS bypass locking methods – Pro Web iOS, iCloud DNS Bypass or a new method that does not use proxy servers – iDNS Portal

Pro Web iOS

Recently, a new method of bypass iCloud locking has appeared on the market, called iDNSPortal. Users of the bypass blocking services are already testing the novelty and comparing with other services. In this article we will try to analyze already known and innovative bypass services, workarounds, cost and other criteria.

Pro Web iOS – workaround, cost and benefits

The Pro Web iOS service at one time became a novelty in the market of tools that allowed to bypass iCloud locking on Apple gadgets.

  1. The service differed from its predecessors by a limited amount of advertising, the ability to build applications into lists, and the presence of the Safari browser address bar.

  2. The user can configure for himself a list of necessary applications, without using a static menu.

  3. To date, Pro Web iOS is one of the key and most reliable services to bypass locking. You can connect the service for a small fee by selecting a convenient tariff plan. Compared to the prices of competitors' services, the cost of connecting the service is very small: as of today, the monthly tariff plan costs $ 3, and the unlimited subscription costs $ 20. The service also provides tariffs for 3 months and 6 months.

Pro Web iOS works on a DNS method using proxy. Connecting to the service is not difficult, you do not need to connect every time you need access to the capabilities of a locked device, provided you use the same WI-FI network. For his money, the user gets an iDevice springboard emulation and a number of functions, including the ability to change the theme and wallpaper of the device, access to the Internet through the Safari browser. One of the key benefits of the service is also data protection, excluding the transfer of user data to third parties. In addition, the service has fully functional technical support.

You can connect to the service for free by doing tasks on popular social networks. You can continue to subscribe each time for another month by completing a new task – as a rule, it is like or repost of useful materials on a personal page.

iCloud DNS bypass service – advantages and opportunities

iCloud DNS bypass is based on the same DNS method, but does not use proxy. The connection method is quite similar to Pro Web iOS, and this service also supports all versions of the iPhone and iPad devices.

  1. Today, more than 30 million people in all parts of the world use the service. Service developers note that with this number of users, the servers are only 5% loaded, that is, there will not be an overload on the servers, even with a significant increase in users.

  2. Regarding the cost, iCloud DNS bypass is absolutely free. Among the advantages offered by developers, an accessible local server, uninterrupted operations and simple installation are also mentioned.

  3. The service makes it possible to use the multimedia functions of a locked device: use the camera, namely, create photos and videos, listen to music and radio.

On the website of the service you will find links to chat like-minded people and users. In this chat, the user can describe his problem or feedback on the service, and experienced users will advise how to solve the problem or comment on the feedback.

Novelty on the market – iDNSPortal service

Recently, the developer of iDNSPortal posted a video connection service on a locked device. Behind the scenes, the developer spoke more about the service, explaining that iDNSPortal is a revolutionary way to bypass the locking, primarily due to the rejection of the DNS method. The service has several advantages over competitors:

  1. One-time connection, does not require re-entry of data and time-consuming operations each time you need to use the functions of a blocked iDevice.

  2. Access to the service after locking and unlocking the screen.

  3. The developer also notes that the service does not use proxy – only direct connections and access to the network.

In the previous article, we described the method of connecting to this service. The required settings take no more than 10 minutes, and each instruction step is described in detail in the video instructions. The service is free, does not require users to hidden fees.

In case of problems with the connection or additional questions, the developer can be contacted via social networks and official email with support. The amount of time during which the request is processed and the answer comes to users is still unknown.

Every year, new software for users of Apple devices, including locked devices, appears on the market. This stimulates not only the creation of a new product, but also an upgrade of the services and tools already known to us. Among the highest quality and most reliable, we highlight Pro Web iOS, iCloud DNS bypass and iDNSPortal. These services have an adequate cost and simple connection algorithm. Each of them has its advantages, for example, high-quality support service, advanced functions of locked devices and accessibility in different parts of the world. Depending on your needs, you can test everything, and then choose the most convenient one for yourself and use it.

If you have read this article, but have decided to use the service that is not described in the article, we recommend to ensure the quality and safety of your chosen product. You can read online reviews, ask friends who have already used these services, as well as learn the privacy policy. We advise you not to transfer confidential information to third parties, make sure that your data, including payment information, are reliably protected from third parties and will not be used by developers for the purpose of fraud. If you do not find information on data protection – use custom chat rooms or contact customer support service. In general, you must ensure data security and quality services, otherwise, we advise you to choose other services.

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