The Apple brand is among the ten most expensive on Earth

These news were reported by the world-famous magazine Forbes in its annual rating of brand value. Apple took the first place as the world's most expensive brand for the eighth time - eight consecutive years! The eight was a lucky number for Apple, since the brand value grew by 8% over the year, and according to Forbes data it is 182 800 000 000 dollars. With a margin of fifty billion, Google took the second place, Microsoft topped the TOP-3 (about $ 105,000,000,000). Honorable fourth and fifth place is occupied by Facebook and Amazon respectively.

Who also entered the TOP-10?

The rating from the sixth to the tenth place looks like this: Coca-Cola, then Samsung, with almost identical, but still slightly less than its cost overtakes Disney ($ 47.5 billion). Ten leaders are closed by Toyota and AT & T (the cost of the last brand is $ 41.9 billion).

Other participants of the rating

The rating is compiled on the basis of the two hundred largest companies in the world, of which a hundred was selected, which was ordered by the value of the brand itself. One hundredth among the most expensive brands in the world was the KFC brand, the worldwide fast food chain.

By the way, the current leader of the rating, although circumventing the nearest competitor's price by $ 50 billion, does not stop there. Apple has decided to compete with world tycoons in the provision of services and sales of digital products, so it invests giant sums in the development of cartographic services and the creation of entertainment content. Thus, the company hopes to oust world-renowned competitors, like Google and Spotify, from the market.


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