The flagship hardware store Google will open in the USA

Chicago store Google

Google's retail store will appear in Chicago soon

So far, Google has not announced this officially, but according to informed sources, the company is already close to concluding a deal on renting a place for a store. According to the same data, the flagship hardware store from Google will be located in Chicago (USA).

What is known about the store itself?

The company has already decided with the place of the store, the location was chosen near the Google office in Chicago. It is known that in the store there will be shopping areas and demonstration halls. The company chose a two-story building, the total area of ​​which is 1,300 square meters.

What will Google present in its own store?

In addition to digital goods, the company is engaged in the production of smartphones Pixel, speakers equipped with an intelligent voice assistant and other techniks. In showrooms, visitors will be able to see developments on digital products, as well as learn about projects in which the company invests money.

The source of information also informs that the mood of the company about the opening of the store is very unstable. Google`s plans can change at the very last moment. Although, after signing a lease agreement for the area, geeks should not be worried, because this will be a very serious step in confirming the opening of the store.



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