The icon of the personal computer: iMac turned 20

The icon of the personal computer: iMac turned 20

In May 1998, Steve Jobs showed the world the first model of the computer iMac. The presentation took place shortly after Jobs returned to the company in 1997. Tim Cook then wrote that Jobs forever changed people's ideas about computers, and these words are relevant today.

The chip iMac, on the background of other then-personal computers, was not more functional, but it had a bright appearance. The bet was made on the bright and non-artificial colors. The very characteristics did not go beyond the unusual at those time. The iMac weighed 17 kg, but it was known by successful ergonomic design, so computer was carried by the handle on the case.

By the way, like 20 years ago, so today, for the design of Apple's products meets the legendary Johnny Ive. Steve Jobs, known for his heavy character and lack of manners of communication with colleagues, throughout his career at Apple valued Ive, dismissing other workers indiscriminately.

The price of the first iMac was $1299, which was more expensive than its competitors were costing. Then a personal computer could be purchased in a thousand dollars. Jobs explained the price of his product in this way: for 1299 dollars you will get a computer of the future, and for 999 - a computer of yesterday.

As for innovations, iMac 1998 is the first personal computer equipped with a USB port, the company abandoned the drive, although at that time the disks were still a popular media. Also iMac became the first PC equipped with a connector for the network cable, which greatly simplified the use. The first model had an enchanting success for several years, even when Apple began to produce models with flat, less dimensional screens.

Since the developers of Apple have created flat-screen models, each version of the PC has been improved in its own way. For example, in 2004 iMac began to be released with a motherboard placed behind the display. Three years later, a model appeared with an aluminum front panel, and starting in 2009, PCs are manufactured in a one-piece aluminium case.

After the first iMac, Apple introduced the world eight generations of PCs. Comparing the first model and the last one, which appeared last year, it's hard to see the similarity and belonging to one brand. But what remains unchanged for all Apple PCs is the simplicity and ease of operations of these devices.


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