Without extra ambitions: Apple predicts a decline in the popularity of new smartphone models

smartphone models decline

Analysts predict a decline in sales of new models of smartphones Apple: until the end of 2018, they expect to sell a total of 80 million pieces. This number is 20% less than last year's sales.

Objectively assessing the situation, experts believe that the IPhone 8 and IPhone X is becoming less popular among buyers. In addition, it is projected that demand will gradually decline for each new phone model from the company.

Truth or rumors?

You can imagine a situation in which the company deliberately spread rumors of a decline in sales, but Apple really refuses unjustified ambitions in favor of an objective assessment. This year the company bought 20% less of the components for its smartphones.

Authoritative edition Reuters, referring to internal sources of the company, declares, that Apple does not exclude possibility of recession of interest to new products, in this connection and spent less purchase of components.

Recall, the release of the new model is scheduled for the second half of 2018. We justify the forecasts of analysts in six months. In the meantime, we are waiting for the development and updating of the company's services.


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