Xiaomi presents a smart leash for children

Anti-Lost Traction Bracelet

The subdivision of Xiaomi under the name Shuo Mi Technology introduced a new smart gadget - a leash for the child. A six-dollar gadget of Xiaomi authorship is an indispensable thing for active parents and even more active children. Watching the release of gadgets from the company, it can be argued that Xiaomi plans to implement its devices in all areas of our lives.

From the device for measuring the purity of water to the child's leash - what else will Xiaomi come up with?

The device received a less ominous name than the leash - Anti-Lost Traction Bracelet, that is, a bracelet that you will not get lost with. The device can be unfastened only from the side of the parent, the child will not be able to bite or break the device. For this, a metal base was provided inside the chain. The child himself will not be able to weaken the bracelet either, his father or mother will fix it.

As we have already noted, the leash is worth 6 dollars and is available in two color variations: blue and pink. The gadget is affordable enough, however, in every country and city it will be perceived adequately?

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    Oct 14, 2018

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